Dayton: Emmer’s court attempts are “desperate”

Democrat Mark Dayton characterized Republican Tom Emmer’s court attempts as “desperate” during an interview on MPR’s Morning Edition. Dayton also told MPR’s Cathy Wurzer that he didn’t plan on announcing any new commissioners until he has an election certificate in hand.

As for, Emmer’s petition to the Minnesota Supreme Court and a request to the State Canvassing Board to change the recount rules, Dayton said Emmer and the Republican Party know they’re way behind.

“They know they’re way behind,” Dayton said. “It’s just throwing spit balls at the wall to see which ones will stick.”

Dayton currently leads Emmer by nearly 8,800 votes.

Here’s the full interview:

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Republican Tom Emmer will be on TPT’s Almanac tonight.

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