Dayton blames Pawlenty for pending job losses

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DFLer Mark Dayton says he wants to meet next week with the mayor of Eagan to discuss ways to save the Lockheed Martin plant.

The company recently announced plans to close its Eagan facility and displace about a thousand employees. Dayton told reporters today that he was surprised by the announcement. He said he was also surprised that Governor Pawlenty and other state officials had not done much to try to head off the company’s decision.

“Seems to me this is fundamentally a responsibility of Gov. Pawlenty and his administration,” Dayton said. “If I’m governor, I’ll pick up the pieces and do as best I can from that point forward.”

Governor Pawlenty said last week that he would encourage the next governor to consider significant incentives to try to save the Lockheed Martin plant. Dayton’s election certificate is pending a statewide recount.

  • stu

    wow, Dayton will make a great leader, He’s has Barry’s trademark move down cold blame the guy before you

  • Jamie

    Sometimes that’s where blame belongs.