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The race for governor is coming down to a two-man race according to two of the candidates running for governor. The key question is “Who are the two candidates?” IP candidate Tom Horner and Republican Tom Emmer both agree Dayton is the first but disagree over who is second.

Both Horner and Emmer have been ramping up the “The race has come to Democrat Mark Dayton and myself” in recent days. Emmer made the comments on WCCO Radio on Wednesday. Horner said it in Worthington. The fact that they’re saying it shows both candidates are working feverishly to marginalize the other’s support in the hopes of catching Dayton.

Dayton will speak at Education Minnesota’s professional conference.

Emmer will campaign in Elk River and St. Cloud.

Horner will hold a news conference on depoliticizing the state’s judicial appointment process.

MinnPost says the gov race has entered a frenetic stage.

WCCO reports the chair of the MNGOP says the late Rudy Perpich would have voted for Emmer. The comments came during a presser that questioned Democrat Mark Dayton’s work as Economic Development Commissioner under Perpich.

Dayton told the AP that Minnesota voters are tired of the “No New taxes myth.”

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour will campaign for Emmer next week.

Former DFL/IP state Sen. Bob Lessard, a vocal supporter of hunting and fishing, backs Dayton’s campaign.

Forum Communications offers a few snapshots of Dayton on the stump.

Smart Politics writes that an Emmer defeat during a GOP wave would end a 100 year trend in Minnesota.

Dayton is reaching out to the Oromo community.

He also talked Ag/Rural issues with AgriNews.

The PoliGraph says IP candidate Tom Horner’s health care claim checks out.

Race for Congress

The DCCC starts running ads in Minnesota’s 1st.

Pro Life groups will flood the 8th District with campaign mailings.

The Duluth News Tribune says DFL Rep. Jim Oberstar and Republican Chip Cravaack are far apart on the issues.

DNC Chair Tim Kaine says he thinks Democrats will keep control of the House.

Several publishers in Minnesota’s 6th District are backing Democrat Tarryl Clark’s campaign in editorials.

The Pi Press says GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann is flush with cash from outside of Minnesota.

The Pi Press profiles the 4th District.

Shelley Madore, the Democrat running in Minnesota’s 2nd Congressional District, says in an op-ed that federal money is going elsewhere because of GOP Rep. John Kline.

2010 Other

The Star Tribune says harsh charges are flying the Attorney General’s race.

Republican Secretary of State candidate Dan Severson says the concept of church and state “doesn’t exist” in the U.S. because the country “is a Christian nation.”

MinnPost says Hubbard Broadcasting is also funding efforts to elect “jobs friendly” candidates in the Legislature.

MPR has a look at the Ramsey County Attorney race.


A federal appeals court tells the military it could keep “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” for now.

The Pentagon plans a $60 billion weapons sale to Saudi Arabia.

Under the Dome

Gov. Pawlenty says a new Vikings stadium is highly likely.

The push is on to build a new Saints ballpark in Lowertown.

Pawlenty for Prez Watch

Texas home builder Bob Perry, who has given to Gov. Pawlenty, is funding American Crossroads, a Republican group organized by Karl Rove.

The Christian Broadcasting Network’s Brody File released some of its interview with Pawlenty.


It’s the final days of the fund drive so considering giving MPR some scratch.

  • Ahem!

    Dayton is attacking Horner too.

    The best kept secret of this campaign is the tens of millions Dayton has spent tearing down Tom Emmer. With less then 2 weeks to go, maybe that fact will finally see the light of day along with the real story of Mark Dayton’s records and budget plan.

  • The comment that the DCCC is running ads in MN-01 must be because of the on slaught of outside monies such as $367,061.20 that has been on expended by the Republican Congressional Campaign Committee; plus monies from Norm Coleman’s group; both have ads running in the District.

    Add to that list that FREEDOM CLUB FEDERAL PAC announced today that it will expend $22,000 against Walz.

    Boy, that guy has a target on his back.