RGA drops $1 million on Minnesota’s race for governor

The Republican Governor’s Association is putting a big marker on Tom Emmer’s campaign in the final weeks of the campaign. The group is giving $1 million to Minnesota’s Future, an independent expenditure group, according to the fund’s spokesman Chris Tiedeman. Minnesota’s Future is running ads criticizing Democrat Mark Dayton’s campaign.

“We believe Tom Emmer is going to win but we’re going to close the election right and get that message to the voters,” Tiedeman said.

Tiedeman said the money will be used for ads on TV, radio, the internet and other social media.

The donation comes on top of the $830,000 the RGA has already given to Minnesota’s Future.

The RGA isn’t the only group to give to Minnesota’s Future in the final weeks of the campaign. Hubbard Broadcasting, which owns KSTP-TV, wrote a $25,000 check to the group as well.

Meanwhile, The Democratic Governor’s Association has given $1.5 million to Win Minnesota through 10/5(reports here and here). That group is then giving a bulk of the funds to The Alliance for a Better Minnesota, which is running ads criticizing Emmer.

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