Quie backs Demmer

Former GOP Gov. Al Quie is backing Republican Randy Demmer in Minnesota’s 1st District. The endorsement comes three days after former GOP Gov. Arne Carlson backed DFL Rep. Tim Walz. Here’s a letter that Quie, who represented Minnesota’s 1st Congressional District in Congress, penned on Demmer’s behalf:

The election is near and I know many of you are struggling over many races in next Tuesday’s election. The person who represents you in Congress is of utmost importance, and I know Randy Demmer is a person who will serve you well. His experience will enable him to hit the ground running, but more importantly, he is a man of principle, thoughtful and courageous.

There is no question this country is in serious financial straits. Astronomical increases in our national debt are predicted far into the future. The recently enacted federal health care legislation needs immediate repair. Our agricultural communities will be devastated by the proposed cap and trade tax.

Randy Demmer understands these issues, and he has the experience and the track record that show he knows how to get things done. His wisdom and fiscal conservatism were gained through a lifetime in Southern Minnesota. He’s farmed and owned small businesses. He married his high school sweetheart, a lifelong nurse. He’s lived what’s most important to this district.

In these trying times, Southern Minnesota needs a Representative who never wavers on individual responsibility, personal freedom and fiscal restraint – that person is Randy Demmer. He has shown these qualities over the course of a lifetime of service to his community, and that is why he has my endorsement as the public servant who will represent and serve you best.


Al Quie

Former First District Congressman and Minnesota Governor

  • Well, this announcement should not have been a surprise … after all, Governor Quie had endorsed Randy Demmer in the primary … so it should have been assumed where his support would be.


    A Republican supporting another Republican should not be news … yet it indicates a campaign moving to find any good news …

    Which prompts the question : Did Demmer have to push Quie to formally make the announcement to counter the release of another poll indicating that the voters want Tim Walz to represent them in Congress for another term ?