Pawlenty goes after Teacher’s Union (in D.C.)

Gov. Pawlenty has again put the teacher’s union in his cross hairs but it’s not Education Minnesota. Instead, he’s targeting the teacher’s union in Washington D.C. Pawlenty, who is ramping up a run for the White House in 2012, released a statement today after Washington D.C. Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee announced she was leaving her post.

Here’s Pawlenty’s statement.

“Our nation’s capital is losing a superwoman in education. Michelle Rhee’s resignation is more evidence of the corrosive impact of teachers’ unions in American schools. Despite — or maybe because of — the early success of her school reforms, the teachers’ unions worked tirelessly to stop her, showing no compassion for the thousands of children stuck in failing D.C. schools. Despite the teachers’ unions’ success in defeating Michelle Rhee, her leadership is inspiring to reformers everywhere and will make it harder for the unions to defend the failed status quo.”

  • Darlene Solberg

    This is par for the course with Pawlenty. He has hardly ever been a positive spokesperson for educators no matter how good they are or how hard they work. Why should it change now? There are always things to be improved in teacher unions, but on the whole without them you would lose a lot more good teachers who try to do their best every day for the welfare of their students.

  • Jeremy Powers

    Tim Pawlenty talking about “compassion” is like Sarah Palin talking about wisdom or Bristol Palin talking about abstinence or Dick Cheney talking about world peace or …

  • Joe Seliski

    Sorry m’am but the governor is not supposed to be a “spokesman for educators” – he is supposed to a steward of our tax dollars and laws to look out for “the students”. You would “lose good teachers without unions”? That ignorant statement is a good example of why things are broken. Please do your homework folks (including you teachers who are blindly funding these political organizations) The increase of union power is inversely proportional to student outcomes nationwide. It is universally recognized that education reform is needed. Why then would unions block these efforts? Because they would demand accountability, personal responsibility and a little sacrifice – all things that democrats and unions do not support. Perhaps that is why the teachers unions donate millions of your dollars to Democrats (91%). After 3 years it is nearly impossible to fire a bad teacher – thank you teacher unions. They have increased levels of administration and bureaucracy several fold, stripping monies from reading and math – thank you teacher unions. They have rewarded themselves with the highest paid executives of any unions – thanks teacher unions. And what do union members talk about when they have no facts? Dick Cheney and Sarah Palin.