Gingrich campaigns for Emmer

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Former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich was in Minnesota today raising money for GOP gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer and predicting a good election ahead for Republicans.

Gingrich became speaker after Republicans won control of the House in the 1994 midterm election. He’s predicting a similar shift in power this year. Following a private fundraiser for Emmer at a downtown Minneapolis hotel, Gingrich told reporters that he thinks voters are angrier than in 1994, and he thinks GOP candidates are better. He also said Emmer’s tax-cutting, job-creating message will resonate with voters.

Gingrich was introduced by Emmer’s lieutenant governor running mate, Annette Meeks, who once worked on the congressman’s staff. Eighth District GOP congressional candidate Chip Cravaack also took part in the news conference.

A spokesman for the Emmer campaign said 200 people attended the fundraiser. Donors were asked to give $1,000 to attend.

Yesterday, Vice President Joe Biden was in St. Paul raising money for DFL candidate Mark Dayton. DFL State Chair Brian Melendez responded to the Gingrich visit with the following statement:

“Tom Emmer has consistently shown how out of touch he is with everyday Minnesotans, so it’s no surprise that he is now aligning himself with someone as radical as Newt Gingrich. Newt Gingrich has paraded around the country as a bombastic fearmonger trying to scare American voters into supporting his party’s failed policies. He has denounced unemployment benefits, railed against unions, advocated the elimination of food stamps and endorsed the idea of privatizing social security – all measures that would hurt middle-class Minnesotans. As Minnesota voters look for a way forward and a more prosperous future, Tom Emmer’s alliance with yet another extreme, failed leader proves he has nothing more to offer than harsh ideology and failed policies.”

Here’s the audio of the Gingrich news conference:

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