Emmer sharpens criticism of Dayton at GOP rally


Republican Tom Emmer is sharpening his criticism of Democrat Mark Dayton on the campaign trail. During a campaign rally today in Woodbury, Emmer relied on his platform of redesigning and limiting the size of government. But he also criticized Dayton for using his family fortunes to seek political office.

“What has Senator Dayton done with the great wealth that has been bestowed upon him?” Emmer asked. “He’s offered to run for office for the last thirty years.”

Emmer also said Dayton doesn’t have the right “life experience” that the state needs right now. Emmer was joined by GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann and Minnesota Republican Party Chair Tony Sutton.

Here’s the audio of Bachmann and Emmer:

I’ll post the audio from President Obama’s rally once it becomes available.