Emmer raised $2.8 million for campaign

Republican Tom Emmer’s campaign for governor reports raising $2.8 million. Emmer’s campaign said in a news release that Emmer $2.58 million in 2010. He reports having $461,152 left in the bank when the books were closed on October 19th. The Minnesota Campaign Finance Board are scheduled to release the reports tomorrow at 8AM. Here’s the full release from Emmer’s campaign:

The Tom Emmer for Governor Campaign today released the summary of the Pre-General Election Finance Report. The campaign has brought in a total of $2.8 million this campaign, more than $1.7 million since the July report.

“Over the last sixteen months Tom Emmer has worked tirelessly to connect with Minnesotans from throughout this great state as he’s campaigned for governor,” said Cullen Sheehan. “He has spread a vision of government living within its means and spurring economic growth to put Minnesotans back to work. These fundraising totals affirm that his vision for Minnesota is one that resonates.”

The fundraising total includes over $2 million from individual contributors in 2010. The campaign has collected $2.69 million in 2010 and $114,802 in 2009. The report will show $461,152 cash on hand.

Update: The Emmer campaign misreported the campaign finance figures by $108,000 to their advantage. Emmer campaign spokesman Carl Kuhl says there was a software glitch that prompted the computer to consider $108,000 as a receipt instead of a transfer.

The up to date numbers are:

total raised $2.589 million

Cash on Hand is $352,723.

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