Emmer and other Republicans rally the GOP faithful

About 2,000 people attended a Get Out the Vote Rally in Blaine this afternoon for Republican Tom Emmer’s campaign for governor. Governor Pawlenty and the Republican governors of New Jersey and Mississippi joined Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann at the event.

Christie, hailed in conservative circles for his fiscal record in New Jersey, told the audience that they need to work hard on Get Out the Vote Efforts.

“You do not let me down” Christie said. “Because I’m telling you that if you people let me down I’m going to go Jersey on you.”

Emmer told the audience not to believe the polls that say Democrat Mark Dayton is winning. He told the audience that their work over the next few days could determine whether he’s governor.

“It is time over the next two days to grab a hold of that rope and to make sure that we leave nothing to chance,” Emmer said. “Let’s make those last phone calls. Let’s knock on those last doors. Let’s put up those signs that we still might have in the office or the garage.”

Here’s Emmer’s speech:

Here’s Christie’s speech:

Emmer, Democrat Mark Dayton and the Independence Party’s Tom Horner will participate in the final debate of the 2010 election. MPR News will air the live debate on Sunday afternoon at 4 o’clock.

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