A closer look at Pawlenty’s federal PAC.

The Center for Responsive Politics took a look at the 2012 GOP hopefuls and how they’re spending money raised through their federal Political Action Committees. The group found that Gov. Pawlenty’s Freedom First PAC gave $85,100 to 36 federal candidates. The PAC spent $134,239 on travel, $10,666 on media expenses and another $375,000 on campaign expenses.

The analysis found that Pawlenty was the fifth highest contributor to federal candidates through October 13th. Pawlenty gave $85,100 to federal candidates through that time period. Mitt Romney, John Thune, Sarah Palin and Mike Pence gave more. One side note is that Pawlenty reported having more than $500,000 left in the bank to spend which means he could give a lot more through Election Day.

Here are the toplines:

Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty

Associated PAC: Freedom First PAC

Total receipts: $3.14 million

Amount donated to federal-level candidates: $85,100

Total federal-level candidates receiving donations: 36

Travel: $134,239

Media expenses: $10,666

Campaign Expenses: $375,000

You can read the full analysis here.

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