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The candidates for governor gear up for three more debates this week. There’s a debate in St. Cloud on Tuesday. A TPT debate on education on Thursday and a MN Hospitals Association debate on Friday.

On Friday night, the candidates discussed issues impacting seniors.

IP candidate Tom Horner will speak at the U of M’s Humphrey School today.

On Sunday, Horner used the Vikings home opener to push for his Vikings stadium plan.

MPR says cities are preparing for cuts in LGA. Here’s a look at where the candidates stand on the program.

Forum Communications says the “L” is key to the governor’s race.

The AFL-CIO goes after Emmer in a lit piece for voting against funding that “could have prevented the bridge collapse.”

Forum Communications says Republican Tom Emmer has yet to ask his former GOP foe Marty Seifert for any help.

A new African American PAC, sponsored by the DFL leaning Win Minnesota, has been created.

Race for Congress

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann removed her name from a 2012 poll at the Values Voters conference. Her DFL opponent, Tarryl Clark, criticized her for speaking at the conference and traveling to Miami.

Here’s Bachmann’s speech to the Value Voters Summit.

The PoliGraph says Clark is one for three in her criticism of Bachmann.

Reuters says Bachmann’s campaign geo-targeted voters attending the State Fair via their cell phones.

DFL Rep. Tim Walz campaigned at Winona State University.

Race for Legislature

MPR says the GOP is hoping for a surge to win the majority.

AP says Minnesota Democrats keep their cash edge despite corporate giving.


President Obama worked to fire up members of the Congressional Black Caucus.

He also released a statement on the termination of the BP oil spill.

DFL Sens. Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken announced federal funding for the Blue Earth airport.

Klobuchar and DFL Rep. Collin Peterson want increased food exports to Cuba.

Klobuchar and DFL Rep. Jim Obesrtar are pushing the International Trade Commission to address unfair trade practices from foreign paper producers.

Franken is advocating for the medical device industry in the regulatory process.

Under the Dome

The conservative Freedom Foundation released a report saying Northstar Commuter rail costs too much.

Pawlenty for Prez Watch

Gov. Pawlenty wrapped up his trade mission to China and Japan.

CNN says he’s one of many governors who flocked to that country.

Pawlenty says the trade mission kept him off the Value Voters Straw poll.

Indiana Congressman Mike Pence won the straw poll.

Sarah Palin skipped the candidate routine during her recent trip to Iowa.

The latest New Hampshire 2012 GOP poll shows Pawlenty trailing several other candidates.

Newt Gingirch is coming to Minnesota.

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