Latest poll shows Pawlenty trailing in NH

The latest 2012 GOP poll has Gov. Pawlenty trailing five other candidates in the critical state of New Hampshire. Public Policy Polling shows Mitt Romney up big in the state with the support of 41 percent of those polled. Newt Gingrich polled at 12 percent support, Sarah Palin received 12 percent, Mike Huckabee got 10 percent and Ron Paul got 8 percent. Pawlenty polled at five percent. Mitch Daniels, the governor of Indiana got two percent.

PPP Pollster Tom Jensen said Romney has a dominant lead right now:

The New Hampshire primary is still almost a year and a half away but Romney’s persistent dominant lead in the polling makes you wonder- if that holds is New Hampshire even going to be viewed as that relevant to the 2012 nomination contest? If his status as the rare New England Republican Presidential candidate makes it impossible for anyone else to build momentum there the state may just get written off with everyone reallocating their resources to Iowa, South Carolina, Nevada, and Florida.

Pawlenty has been active in New Hampshire. He sent staffers to the Granite State to help get out the vote on Tuesday’s primary. He also created a state PAC to help candidates in that state.

  • Ralph Crammedin

    Another 5% poll for Pawlenty. *yawn* Tim Pawlenty will never be President of the United States, a fact for which every American should be grateful. He’ll probably be out after Iowa, for sure after New Hampshire. Nevertheless, there is method to his madness.

    He’s targeting Al Franken’s US Senate seat. Why else would he endure the rigors of constant travel; the humiliation of having to withdraw his name from consideration to avoid a 3% ballot showing; the ever-increasing negative poll numbers in Minnesota, all in apparent pursuit of something he has zero chance of achieving?

    Timmer needs to make national connections, connect with national big money, and build a Palin-like fan base (as if!) to stand a chance against Al in 2014. That’s the real story. Why don’t you guys re-title this bit “Pawlenty’s Big Dreams” and show some insight into why he’s doing all this, instead of droning on endlessly about something that will never happen?

  • Murph

    Pawlenty is a bad joke on himself and lost any chance at his goal.He balanced the Mn budget illegally and tried to take doctor ordered food supplement coverage away from poor elderly,blind and disabled people in that state to do that.He was convicted in district court,his appeal was found baseless by the Mn Supreme court. So how does he overcome attempting to be a “death panel” of one? He’s a moron!