Pawlenty’s NH PAC raised $42.5k

Governor Pawlenty raised $42,500 for his state political action committee in New Hampshire.

The latest New Hampshire campaign finance report shows Pawlenty raised the bulk of his funds from Minnesota contributors. Several high profile Republican donors like Stanley Hubbard, Wheelock Whitney and former Target CEO Robert Ulrich gave to the PAC. The PAC gave $27,500 to candidates for the New Hampshire Legislature, Republican groups in the state and political consulting.

Pawlenty, who is laying the groundwork for a presidential run, filed state PACs in Iowa and New Hampshire. He also has a federal PAC. Pawlenty is using the PACs to help Republican candidates across the country. The latest fundraising reports show Pawlenty also raised $2.6 million for his federal PAC since he formed it in October. He also raised $32,500 for his PAC in Iowa.

  • Ralph Crammedin

    Former Governor Tim should change his name to Pawthetic. The guy with the cardboard sign at the 11th Street Exit is a better fund raiser. btw, it says “Former Governor” on the book jacket. You guys were so excited about Timmy’s shirt going rouge (sic), you didn’t notice that?