Interest group goes after Emmer in ad buy

A left-leaning special interest group is making a big TV advertising buy to criticize Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer.

The Alliance for a Better Minnesota Action Fund says it will spend more than $500,000 on ads statewide. Here’s the group’s news release:

Saint Paul – Alliance for a Better Minnesota Action Fund today released the first television and online ads it will be running during the election to share Republican Tom Emmer’s abysmal record of voting against Minnesota’s economic interest, and siding with Tim Pawlenty.

The ads, which are running starting July 6 on broadcast and cable statewide, share with viewers just some of the countless ways Emmer has voted against the things that make our state great, and prosperous.

“We need a leader who will fight for us,” said Denise Cardinal, Executive Director of Alliance for a Better Minnesota Action Fund. “Voters need to know that Tom Emmer is just like Tim Pawlenty, who sides with the big corporate special interests over working families. Emmer’s record shows he’s not on our side.”

The size of the buy for this ad is more than $500,000 for television and is the first ad ABMAF plans on running this year, with others coming in the following weeks and months. ABMAF is also launching online ads statewide as well.

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    hey pugmire, who are these people? try and do a little reporting next time