Barden was for the public subsidy before he was against it

R. Chris Barden, the GOP endorsed candidate for Attorney General, announced earlier this week that he was foregoing the public subsidy out of principle.

But it appears Barden came to that decision in the last few weeks. Either Barden or someone on his campaign was busy writing to potential donors as late as July 6th that he needed donors to get the public subsidy.


Barden did not return calls on why he decided to have the change of heart.

His campaign finance report shows he has $4756 in the bank.

  • Where is the coverage on Ken Pentel for MN Governor within MPR in 2010? Don’t bother looking, there is none! Once again, MPR is supporting biased bipartisian coverage, instead of multipartisian coverage. Too bad for them, their listeners, and citizens of Minnesota.