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President Obama gave an Oval Office address last night where he accused BP of recklessness when it comes to the oil spill.

He’ll meet with BP officials today.

A poll shows that a majority of Americans disapprove of Obama’s response to the spill.

New estimates show a higher amount of oil spilling into the Gulf of Mexico.

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann said BP shouldn’t be “chumps” over the oil spill. Bachmann also criticized President Obama.

Democrats defeat GOP efforts to roll back the health mandate.

The EPA says the cost of the climate bill is less than the cost of a postage stamp a day.

DFL Sen. Al Franken is the subject of a new comic book.

DFL Rep. Jim Oberstar, chair of the House Transportation Committee, has $50,000 invested in the transportation sector.


The AFL-CIO will meet today to consider endorsing a candidate for governor. Democrats Mark Dayton and Margaret Anderson Kelliher and I-P candidate Tom Horner will screen with the group. There’s no guarantee the union will decide to endorse since its member unions are split between Kelliher and Dayton.

The Communications Workers back Kelliher.

DWIs surface for Teresa Collett, The GOP endorsed candidate for Congress in Minnesota’s 4th District.

Paul Koering, an openly gay Republican state Senator, had dinner with a porn star. Koering is in a primary battle to keep his seat.

An NPR poll shows trouble for Democrats in battleground congressional districts.

But an AP poll shows bright spots for Democrats.

Under the Dome

Gov. Pawlenty named former state Rep. Phil Krinkie to the MnSCU Board of Trustees.

The Education Department rejects requests by two school districts to go to a 4 day school week.

Pawlenty for Prez Watch

In another sign that he’s preparing for a 2012 run, Gov. Pawlenty created state PACs in New Hampshire and Iowa. The PACs allow him to raise money and give to state candidates. Pawlenty has a federal PAC but not every state allows him to contribute through it.

Gov. Pawlenty is raising money in California thru Thursday.

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