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Democrat Mark Dayton released the first ad of his 2010 campaign.

Dayton’s decision to start running ads this week means Margaret Anderson Kelliher is the only major DFL candidate who isn’t on the air.

The Star Tribune says it will be a blizzard of campaign ads this summer.

Here’s where the candidates are buying time.

Independence Party candidate Tom Horner leaves the firm he co-founded.

Republican Tom Emmer’s campaign is walking back Emmer’s own strong budget comments from April. Regardless of $20 billion or $10 billion (for the biennium), the key question remains: What gets the axe? Full disclosure: the campaign “fact-checks” my story on his agency cuts.

Several of the candidates for governor participated in a renewable energy forum.

The Minnesota AFL-CIO is gearing up for a possible endorsement.

The Carpenters Union backs Democrat Margaret Anderson Kelliher.

National Democrats target GOP Rep. Michele in Minnesota’s 6th District.

Randy Demmer catches the NRCC’s eye.


President Obama will address the nation tonight on the BP oil spill.

The president also rallies his base to push for an energy shift.

The doctor’s Medicare payment cut has been delayed.

DFL Sens. Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken support an escrow fund for the oil spill cleanup.

House Democrats are proposing to cut a portion of the Wall St. Reform bill that is championed by Franken. The measure would create a government panel to assign credit ratings. A spokeswoman for Franken calls the move “very concerning.”

DFL Rep. Tim Walz writes an op-ed on making freight rail more competitive.

The Hill profiles the staff director for the House Education and Labor Committee Minority staff director. GOP Rep. John Kline is mentioned.

GOP Rep. Erik Paulsen wants to increase public awareness over peripheral arterial disease.

DFL Rep. Collin Peterson wants a provision in the next federal Farm Bill to fund $50 million a year for retention projects in the Red River Valley.

DFL Rep. Jim Oberstar has started looking into the staffing and regulation of offshore drilling. The L.A. Times piece is an excellent explainer on the patchwork of rules governing offshore drilling.

Under the Dome

Twin Cities nurses will take another strike vote on Monday.

Students and staff react to the proposed cuts at the U of M.

Minnesota protesters will stage a clinic outside of Gov. Pawlenty’s office. They’re protesting the changes to General Assistance Medical Care.

The Attorney General’s office says the Metro Gang Strike Force owes it $236k.

The state begins looking at government innovation.

The Minnesota Film and TV Board is hoping to make Minnesota a 3D TV hotspot.

Pawlenty for Prez Watch

Mitt Romney will speak to Republicans in North Dakota on June 22nd.

Mike Huckabee’s supporters in Iowa say keep him on the 2012 list.

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