PoliGraph is coming

We’re starting a new feature on the blog tomorrow. It’s called PoliGraph, and it will report on whether politicians are telling the truth.

Modeled after PolitiFact, a Pulitizer Prize winning feature started by the St. Petersburg Times, in 2007, PoliGraph will take an in-depth look at political claims made by members of the state’s three major political parties and check them against neutral sources for accuracy.

Our reporting will adhere to the tenants of the best journalism: analysis backed by deep, thorough reporting; research from both primary sources and expert interviews; and independent, non-partisan analysis.

We’ll be working with Catharine Richert from the Humphrey Institute, who has worked for PolitiFact and Congressional Quarterly.

Look for it here tomorrow.

  • I hope this either fact checks every word out of everyone’s mouth, or at the minimum does it fairly.

    Sorry, too often I see these things twisted by the opposing party or candidate. Or the lovely, technically true, BUT……

  • George Hayduke

    Will you have a sub-feature called “BachmannGraph?” You know her name won’t stay off the marquee for very long. She’s batting 0-9 on the Pulitzer Prize-winning PolitiFact site, with four, count em four, “Pants on Fire” ratings, reserved for the biggest lies.


  • Chris

    Isn’t this what journalists are supposed to do? And you’re only starting tomorrow?

  • Hal Davis

    ==Our reporting will adhere to the tenants of the best journalism==

    Let’s hope it also adheres to the tenets …