“Me and my friends will catch Pawlenty”

The governor’s fishing opener is this weekend on Lake Kabtogama in norther Minnesota and a singer songwriter is documenting the event. The International Falls Daily Journal reports that a 59 year old construction worker named John Kurkosky wrote a song about the governor’s fishing opener. Here’s the chorus:

“The governor and his crew will only catch a few but me and my friends will catch Pawlenty. And I won’t rub it in if Tim’s catch is thin, I’ll only say that we caught Pawlenty.”

This will be Pawlenty’s last time hosting the Governor’s Fishing Opener but Kurkosky suggested in the song that he may be back in other capacities:

“I hope he has a great time and remembers this event because the next time he comes a fishing he might be president.”

Here’s the full song.

(h/t Bring Me the News)

  • Phil Griffin

    This is one of the few smiles I had had over politics lately. : )