Kelliher responds to MPR poll results

MPR News and the U of M’s Humphrey School released a poll that focused on the 2010 race for governor and approval ratings for several statewide office holders. On the DFL side, former U.S. Sen. Mark Dayton leaders MN House Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher and former legislator Matt Entenza in the race to win the August primary. Dayton also has a slight edge over GOP endorsed Tom Emmer in head to head match-ups. Emmer leads Kelliher and Entenza in those head to heads.

You can read the story on the poll here.

Meanwhile, Kelliher released a statement on the poll results that calls out Dayton and Entenza’s personal wealth:

“While I have been at the Capitol standing up to Tim Pawlenty and radical Republicans like Tom Emmer, my opponents have been spending their own personal fortunes to get a head start in this race.

“But I know that’s not how you earn the support, or the votes of Minnesotans. Paul Wellstone taught me at a young age how to organize Minnesotans around a cause, and inspire communities to achieve something better.

“That’s why I am building a people powered campaign for governor. We’re going to win this election door-by-door, voter-by-voter. Together with Minnesotans, we are going to win. Because this campaign is about more than one person, it’s about one Minnesota.

“That’s what I’m fighting for. That’s how we will close the chapter on Tim Pawlenty, and build a better Minnesota.”

Update: Dayton also talked about the poll results with MPR’s Morning Edition.

Update: Matt Entenza’s campaign sent out a statement from his campaign manager. We aren’t posting it because we want our readers/listeners to know what the candidate is saying not their campaign staff. A spokeswoman for the Entenza campaign said Entenza “doesn’t comment on polls.”