Hahn says he’s running in I-P Primary

Rob Hahn, an Independence Party candidate for governor, said he’s rebuffed party leaders and will continue to run in the August primary. Hahn lost the I-P endorsement to Tom Horner last Saturday. Here’s part of the release from Hahn’s campaign:

Rob Hahn, Independence Party gubernatorial candidate, today quoted rock singer Amy Winehouse’s song “Rehab”, saying, “No. No. No.” when asked by a high-ranking member of the IP to drop out of the race for governor.

“I’m flattered,” Hahn said. “This confirms that party leaders consider me – as they should – a legitimate threat to win the primary.”

Hahn said he was encouraged by the party member to run for a different office like Secretary of State or Auditor this year but declined, stressing his campaign in 2010 is for governor.

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