Pawlenty declares April as Abortion Recovery Month

Gov. Pawlenty issued a proclamation for the month of April as “Abortion Recovery Month.” The proclamation says:

Whereas: Abortion recovery programs help individuals heal by providing counseling, support groups, encouragement; and

Whereas: Abortion Recovery Month encourages and promotes healing opportunities and raises awareness of the aftermath of abortion experienced by individuals and families.

Pawlenty isn’t the only governor to issue a proclamation. Texas Gov. Rick Perry, a Republican, also issued a similar proclamation.

  • Linda

    “T-Paw” is a hypocrit. He cuts programs that would help mothers take care of themselves and their children. It is really hard to know where his priorities are…You can talk a real good game but actions speak much louder.

  • Karl

    This is no different than Michele Bachmann authoring a resolution (followed by a press release) declaring National Hydrocephalus Month and then voting against federal funding for hydrocephalus research. They’re both frauds cut from the same tattered cloth.

  • Bill Taylor

    Good for Tim. He recognizes that abortion causes physical, emotional and spiritual suffering for many women. It’s time for all of us to set aside political agendas for the sake of women’s healing.

  • Stuart Hazard

    Research has actually been done to distinguish the amount and source of post abortion emotional distress, so called “post abortion stress disorder” (not recognized by any medical or scientific organization). It turned out that the greates source of “trauma” was interaction with anti-choice demonstrators.