Pawlenty calls for an Economic Bill of Rights

Governor Pawlenty called for an “Economic Bill of Rights” today as he courted fiscal conservatives in Iowa. Pawlenty stuck to many of his main talking points when he spoke to the conservative Iowans for Tax Relief and reiterated his concern that the federal deficit is skyrocketing. He said his so-called Economic Bill of Rights would require a federal balanced budget and line-item veto authority for the President of the United States.

“As a governor who holds the single season record with the most vetoes ever issued in the history state of Minnesota,” Pawlenty said. “I have a particular appreciation for the power of the line-item veto. I also think we should have a Congress be required to have a super majority before they can either raise taxes or raise the debt ceiling in this country.”

Pawlenty also touted his record of keeping taxes low during his time as governor. (Full speech here: ).

DFL Party Chair Brian Melendez told reporters before Pawlenty’s speech that Pawlenty shouldn’t be touting his economic philosophy.

“We are struggling with massively and historic high budget deficits,” Melendez said. “We are struggling with high levels of unemployment. Whatever Tim Pawlenty’s economic strategy has been, if he claims to have one, it’s been a failure.”

This is Pawlenty’s second trip to Iowa since he announced last June that he wasn’t seeking a third term as governor. He hasn’t ruled out a run for president and has been travelling the country to raise his profile and help elect Republicans to Congress. His next publicly known out of state trip is next week. He’s scheduled to keynote the Washington State GOP Dinner on April 24th.

(Thanks to Iowa Public Radio’s Joyce Russell for supplying the audio)

Update: FDR offered an Economic Bill of Rights in the 1940s.

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