Pawlenty to sign but trim bonding bill

Governor Pawlenty said today that he intends to sign a nearly $1 billion bonding bill but suggested that he would line-item veto projects from the bill. Pawlenty told reporters that he hasn’t decided which projects he would line-item veto from the bill.

“The bonding bill incorporates most of our key priorities,” Pawlenty said. “It’s still too large but it’s a bill we can work with and we’ll just have to slim it down to something that is more reasonable and responsible and affordable.”

Pawlenty and DFL legislative leaders were at odds over the cost and projects included in the bill. Pawlenty was asking the Legislature to include $89 million for the expansion of a sex offender treatment facility in Moose Lake but Democrats complained that the cost was too high and agreed to spend $47.5 on the facility. They criticized the proposal because it included a spiritual center, a library and recreation and craft rooms.

DFL Rep. Alice Hausman praised Pawlenty’s decision:

“It is very good news to me and to thousands of out-of-work Minnesotans that the Governor says he will sign this bonding bill.”

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