Frederickson is the 14th lawmaker to retire

GOP state Sen. Dennis Frederickson of New Ulm announced today that he’ll retire this year and won’t run for a tenth term. Frederickson told the New Ulm Journal that it’s been a privilege to work in the Minnesota Senate.

“It is still tremendously rewarding to serve in the Minnesota Senate, and I intend to continue working hard in the Senate until January 2011,” Frederickson said. “But it is time to spend more time with my wife, Marj; fishing, hunting, canoeing the Minnesota River; and enjoying grandchildren’s concerts, gymnastics, basketball and soccer games. I want to visit our beautiful state parks and trails and enjoy the outdoors,”

Frederickson is the fifth state senator to retire. Here’s the full list:

(Note: I updated this list from a previous post since Tarryl Clark won the DFL endorsement for Congress in Minnesota’s 6th. Republican Randy Demmer says he won’t run for his House seat. Demmer is running for Congress in Minnesota’s 1st District. GOP Rep. Dan Severson also says he’s not running for reelection. He’s seeking the GOP endorsement for Secretary of State.)

Minnesota House

DFL House Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher

DFL Rep. Karla Bigham

DFL Rep. Jeremy Kalin

DFL Rep. Cy Thao

GOP Rep. Rob Eastlund

GOP Rep. Randy Demmer

GOP Rep. Marty Seifert

GOP Rep. Dan Severson

Minnesota Senate

DFL Sen. Steve Murphy

DFL Sen. Jim Vickerman

DFL Sen. Tarryl Clark

GOP Sen. Steve Dille

GOP Sen. Pat Pariseau

GOP Sen. Dennis Frederickson

  • I suspect this is non-relevant, but wasn’t Senator Frederickson one of the Republican cross-overs that voted for the Gas Tax Veto-Overide ?

    Will there be in the next session ?