What happens in Vegas…

Gov. Pawlenty announced today that he’s headed to Las Vegas, Nevada in late February. Pawlenty said on his Facebook page that he’ll be headlining a Nevada GOP dinner on February 27th:

Governor Pawlenty will defy President Obama’s orders and go to Vegas on February 27 for the Nevada GOP dinner. Goal is to replace Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid with a Senator who values the needs of Nevadans more than the partisan interests of his political party.

Pawlenty will have a busy end of the month.

One day before he speaks in Nevada, he’ll be speaking to GOP activists in Missouri.

He’s also scheduled to speak to CPAC on Friday, February 19th (he has a reception scheduled the night before his speech) and will attend the National Governors Association’s Winter Meetings between February 20-22.

He speaks to the Alabama GOP on Friday and will be in North Carolina on Monday.

  • Beth-Ann

    Wait…I thought Timmy said he’d stay home during the legislative session and solve our state’s probles.

  • Jon

    Will the future of a new Vikings stadium depend on whether the ball lands on red?