Pawlenty to veto GAMC bill from Washington D.C.

Gov. Pawlenty’s spokesman said Pawlenty will veto the GAMC bill. Here’s his e-mail to reporters explaining why (and that he’ll issue veto message from Washington D.C.):

TO: Capitol Press Corps

FROM: Brian McClung

RE: Governor Pawlenty to veto GAMC bill

Several of you have asked me for a response to the legislature’s passage of the General Assistance Medical Care (GAMC) bill.

The Revisor’s Office presented the bill to our office this afternoon. As you know, the Governor has three days, following the date of presentment and not including Sundays, in which to take action on a bill. That window begins immediately and runs through the end of Monday.

For your background information, vetoed bills do not require a signature. In issuing a veto, the Governor does not sign the bill and does not file it with the Secretary of State. Article IV, Section 23 of the Minnesota Constitution says, “If he vetoes a bill, he shall return it with his objections to the house in which it originated.”

Governor Pawlenty is in Washington, D.C. at this time. He is preparing a veto message with assistance from our Washington, D.C. office and will sign that veto message. The veto message, along with the bill, will be returned to the Senate as soon as possible, either tonight or tomorrow morning.

Here is a statement you can attribute to me:

Governor Pawlenty will veto this bill tonight or early tomorrow morning. He is currently preparing a veto message with assistance from our Washington, D.C. office.

Governor Pawlenty is vetoing this bill because it irresponsibly spends $170 million, further exacerbating the state’s budget problems, and includes virtually no reform. The legislature has chosen to pass a massive spending bill without first crafting a comprehensive, balanced budget solution. They’ve got things backwards. Both DFLers and Republicans who voted for this bill should be held accountable for taking out the state’s checkbook when there’s not only no money, but a deficit.

  • John O.

    I think Governor McClung and his trusty sidekick Timmy From Eagan have more than a few things backwards.

  • Mark

    An absent Governor who will not negotiate with the people of Minnesota and the Legislature is irresponsible.

  • RalfW

    Over 80 percent of House Republicans voted for the GAMC package. Are they “irresponsibly spending”?

    No, they understand that kicking the most vulnerable people off insurance is both morally questionable and penny-wise and pound-foolish, since these people will become expensive emergency room cases that burden local property tax payers.

  • stephanie

    Stay Classy, Tim.

    Deny the disabled medicine and hospital care. Very Christian of you.

  • Steve P

    Shame on the Democrats!

    Bringing up this bill up at the exact time that the governor is out of town is such a disservice to the people who are on this program.

    Why not bring it up last week or next week?

    The democrats aren’t looking for a solution. They are most interested in playing politics with the poor that this program is suppose to help.

    Shame on you!

  • Rick R

    If they waited for Pawlenty to be in town to act on a bill nothing could get passed. He can’t tear himself away from the wing-nut circuit long enough to do his day job. And since when does Minnesota have a Washington D.C. office? Is the state or Timmy’s PAC paying for that?

    Governor McClung will make sure the partisan fires get re-stoked, We can’t have Republicans and Democrats doing the right thing for poor people, they don’t contribute money to campaigns!

  • Linda Tinjum

    Mr. McClung says that “Governor Pawlenty is in Washington, D.C. at this time. He is preparing a veto message with assistance from our Washington, D.C. office and will sign that veto message.” Gov. Pawlenty has a Washington, D.C. office? Is it common for governors to have an office in D.C.? Seems like that would surely qualify as “irresponsible spending”!