Huckabee to visit Minnesota

Mike Huckabee, a possible contender for the White House in 2012, will visit Minnesota in April. Huckabee is scheduled to speak to a fundraiser for the Minnesota Family Council on April 26th. Tom Prichard, president of the Minnesota Family Council, said they invited Huckabee to speak because he upholds the values and the principles of the Family Council:

“We think it’s important that Christian faith has implications for all of life. It’s not just a private matter but principles that apply to all areas of life and we want to encourage people to be civically involved in their communities and in the broader community. We think he understands that… He’s clearly been a champion of family issues and the pro-life cause and issues of that nature which are issues central to our work…”

Prichard said Huckabee will be given an honorarium but didn’t specify a price-tag.

Huckabee, who won the Iowa caucuses in 2008, hasn’t said if he’ll make a run for the White House in 2012. Prichard said the invitation shouldn’t be perceived as a slight to Governor Pawlenty, who has not ruled out a run for president himself.

In fact, Prichard said Pawlenty has given “greetings” to the Family Council’s annual dinner in the past. He said it’s possible that both Huckabee and Pawlenty could be in attendance for the dinner.

Prichard also said his organization doesn’t endorse candidates for president.

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