For your viewing pleasure…

Here’s a look at who will be on this weekend’s public policy shows…

TPT’s Almanac:

This week on Almanac we debate the next step in the GAMC debate with Rep. Tom Huntley and Rep. Matt Dean… and ad exec John Rash analyzes a week of Olympic coverage.

WCCO’s Sunday Morning with Esme Murphy:

Pawlenty spokesman Brian McClung, Tom Horner, an I-P candidate for governor and DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar.

KSTP’s At Issue with Tom Hauser:

They didn’t get back to me.

Jim Miller, with the League of MN Cities, and St. Coud Mayor Dave Kleis talk to about local government aid cuts.

Capitol Report:

Job creation tools continue to surface at the Capitol. Sen. James Metzen joins moderator Julie Bartkey to discuss his job bill. Republican Sen. Amy Koch counters with measures her caucus would like to see included to gain GOP support. Finally, a bipartisan bill to move Minnesota’s primary election up a month passes unanimously. Senate author Terri Bonoff explains what voters need to know.

On the national scene…

NBC’s Meet the Press:

General David Patraeus, MN Gov. Tim Pawlenty

ABC’s This Week:

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger; Pennsylvania Gov. Edward Rendell.

CBS’ Face the Nation:

Guest: Former Secretary of State Colin Powell.

Fox News Sunday:

Guests: Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, (R-Ky.), Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour (R) and Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm (D).

  • Many times the guests say something that deserves a comment … and I trust that all Polinaut readers will agree with a comment that was made during the 2/19 broadcast of TPT’s Almanac … David Schultz lauded the work of Tom Scheck and the MPR team for their excellent reporting on the Governor.

    I would say Keep It Up, but we know you will … fair and honest journalism needs to be recognized.

  • Tom Scheck

    Thanks for letting me know (and for the kind comments). I took a Friday off from politics and didn’t see the show. I’ll have to watch it.

  • Diane Langlee

    Is there anyone who is seeing the Republican hypocrisy.? To date 116 Republican senators and representatives have bad mouth the American Recovery Act and Reinvestment Act for a year. These same individuals have basked in the glory of a project in their district which was funded by the legislation. Kentucky Senator McConnell ( who seems to be always of television with his stern no to everything ) is pleased with the funding of a military project. Virginia Senator Cantor sought funds for a high speed rail. Joe Wilson from S. Carolina sought funding from the department of agriculture to provide jobs and investment.

    Because of this legislation, 2 million jobs have been saved or created. My neighbors are realizing the tax cuts in their wages and 2,000 small businesses have gotten loans. Not to mention the monies to states, which did help Minnesota.

    Both democrats and republicans should be working for the PEPOPLE. I see the Republicans spreading their scare tactics from budgets to insurance legislation. I don’t see their voices and actions as working to improve the opportunities for Americans.

    How do you see this?