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A person with knowledge of Gov. Pawlenty’s fundraising says Pawlenty raised more than $1.2 million for his PAC in the last three months of the year. MPR, Politico and AP have stories.

MPR created a Tim Pawlenty page. Check it out for all Pawlenty news.

Massachusetts Sen.-elect Scott Brown outpolls Pawlenty among GOP voters.


President Obama is pushing the economy and jobs after his State of the Union.

He’ll release a jobs tax credit today.

He visited Florida yesterday and pitched a rail project as a job creator.

A study of high-speed rail in Minnesota and Wisconsin gets a $1 million study grant.

MPR says high-speed rail in Minnesota may be a long way off.

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner toured a Honeywell plant in Golden Valley. He was there to pitch funding for green energy products. MPR, the Star Tribune and AP have stories.

Reaction is mixed in Minnesota to Obama’s proposed stimulus for small businesses.

Supporters of nuclear power in Minnesota say they welcome Obama’s plan.

The Pi Press says St. Paul and the feds are at odds over foreclosure relief money. The feds are concerned the city isn’t meeting certain hiring requirements.

The Senate confirmed Fed Chair Ben Bernanke.

DFL Sen. Al Franken voted against his confirmation. DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar voted for him.

The Senate voted to raise limits on the national debt.

Klobuchar weighed in on health care reform and the SOTU during an event hosted by Atlantic Monthly.

Franken introduced legislation to keep foreign interests out of U.S. elections.

He also wants the House to pass the Senate health bill.

Some Democrats are concerned the health care bill is “on life support.”

Experts say rewriting the nation’s main education law will be difficult this year. GOP Rep. John Kline is mentioned.

Obama’s budget plan would increase funding for education.

A hacker targeted DFL Rep. Betty McCollum’s website.

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann pulls out of the National Tea Party Convention.

Bachmann and other Republicans sign their “Declaration of Health Care Independence.”

DFL Rep. Jim Oberstar says Obama should commit more money to Haiti relief.

Under the Dome

Veterans Homes may get more federal funding but would have to change how they accept residents. The plan could face stiff resistance.

Gov. Pawlenty says efforts to streamline government saved Minnesota $250 million.

The state says a lack in a bed check led to a rape in a sex offender facility.

The tax reciprocity issue may not be dead yet.

A DFL leaning group targets Gov. Pawlenty and two of the GOP candidates for governor over Pawlenty’s cut to the renter’s credit.

2010 Race for Governor

The GOP candidates will participate in a forum in Apple Valley on Saturday night.

The DFL says a group that ripped R.T. Rybak did not get their mailing list from the DFL voter database.

The Rochester Post-Bulletin looks at what the candidates are doing to woo voters in southeast Minnesota.

2010 Race for Congress

Democrat Tarryl Clark officially kicks off her campaign for Congress.

Here’s video of Clark’s announcement.

GOP Rep. Erik Paulsen says he raised $1.2 million in 2009.

Republican Allen Quist raised $37k in 2009.

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