DFL Latino Caucus backs R.T. Rybak for governor

The DFL Latino Caucus is backing R.T. Rybak for governor. I’m trying to determing how many people belong to the caucus. Update: This 2008 report from the Latino Caucus says it has thirty paying members.

Here’s the release:

The gubernatorial campaign of Mayor R.T. Rybak announced today that Mayor Rybak has received the endorsement of the DFL Latino Caucus in his race for governor of Minnesota.

“Our state’s rich cultural diversity is not tangential to why I am running for governor, it is central — and after many years of working with the Latino community, I am very honored to have the endorsement of the DFL Latino Caucus,” Mayor Rybak said. “My work has mayor has been focused on creating economic and educational opportunity for Minnesotans of all ages and backgrounds, and the Latino community in all its diversity has been a great partner in those efforts.”

Mayor Rybak continued, “Unfortunately, for too long Minnesotans have fallen victim to the kind of old politics that has intentionally sought to divide us from one another. That politics has gotten us nowhere, and when I’m governor, I will bring it to a crashing halt. Instead, I will create opportunity by reconnecting Minnesotans, because our history shows that we have been most prosperous when we have been most connected to each other.

“The Latino Caucus represents one of the fastest growing parts of the DFL Party and was an early and powerful force in delivering Minnesota for Barack Obama. I look forward to working with the caucus in the coming months to bring new voters both to the DFL caucus and convention process and to the polls, and to enhance Latino representation in the new Minnesota,” Mayor Rybak concluded.

Erick Garcia Luna, chair of the DFL Latino Caucus, said, “As mayor of Minneapolis, R. T. Rybak has consistently worked toward inclusiveness in a highly multicultural city. We are confident that as governor, he will lead the state of Minnesota based on the same principles: acknowledging the diverse composition of its population in order to move toward economic prosperity and social progress.”

The DFL Latino Caucus supports and helps to elect Democrats who display keen and well-rounded knowledge that informs, empowers and educates all Latinos. The caucus seeks to utilize activist networks and organize fundraising to support Democratic candidates and to promote Latino issues all across Minnesota.

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