Bachmann raises nearly $600,000 in fourth quarter

Republican Rep. Michelle Bachmann says she raised $591,600 in the last quarter of 2009 and finished the year with more than $1 million cash on hand for her re-election effort.

Her DFL opponents, Maureen Reed and Tarryl Clark have also raised a lot of money, but far below what Bachmann has collected. Reed raised a total of $574,600 in 2009 and ended the year with $388,000 cash on hand. Clark reported this week she raised a total for the the year of more than $600,000 and ended 2009 with just under $389,000 cash on hand.

Bachmann’s total fundraising for 2009 was just about $1.553 million.

Here’s part of the release from the Bachmann campaign:

“Americans everywhere are fed up with the reckless liberal agenda of higher taxes, more spending, more government bailouts and takeovers, and rising deficits and debt emanating from the Democratic Majority in Washington. Clearly, Congresswoman Bachmann’s common sense message of individual liberty and fiscal responsibility is resonating loud and clear with the hearts and minds of her constituents,” said Bachmann spokesman Dave Dziok.

“After all, you can’t have almost 9,000 individual contributors from Minnesota without being in tune with the voters. The numbers speak for themselves, and the campaign couldn’t be stronger.”

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