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AP is reporting that Senate Democrats have reached a deal to drop the public option in the health care overhaul bill in exchange for a different plan.

The Senate also rejected attempts to put tougher abortion restrictions in the bill.

DFL Sen. Al Franken will likely talk health care and a few other issues when he’s on MPR’s Midday today at 11am. Franken cancelled his Midday appearance for today and is asking to reschedule for later this week.

Franken and DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar also back a plan to reduce the price of medicine.

President Obama released his economic recovery plan. It doesn’t include a price tag.

Obama accepts the Nobel Peace Prize on Thursday. A White House memo says it will be a test for him.

He will also extend the bank bailout fund.

If a climate deal emerges from Copenhagen, it’s likely to bear a big price tag.

Some Minnesotans are in Copenhagen for the talks and are hoping for a deal.

MPR says new farming practices are at the center of the climate debate. DFL Rep. Collin Peterson is mentioned.

An audit found that TARP was effective in “stopping the economic panic” that occurred in 2008.

General Stanley McChrystal testified before Congress about the troop increase in Afghanistan.

GOP Rep. John Kline questioned McChrystal at one of the hearings.

Kline also wants a hearing on how much input the feds had over the restructuring at GM.

The Star Tribune says DFL Rep. Collin Peterson is using his Ag Committee to take on Wall Street’s big players.

A Republican on the House Ag Committee wants Peterson to hold a hearing on the EPA ruling that says greenhouse gas emissions are dangerous pollutants.

The White House is seeking federal oversight over transit safety. DFL Rep. Jim Oberstar is mentioned.

A job creation bill being considered by the House could cost $200 billion. Oberstar is mentioned.

Under the Dome

Gov. Pawlenty says he will not make any cuts to Local Government Aid this month. City officials are relieved but are worried cuts will come in 2010. MPR, AP, the Pi Press, the Star Tribune and Forum Communications have stories.

Pawlenty’s spokesman said it’s unlikely Pawlenty will unilaterally cut spending between now and the start of the 2010 Legislative Session.

A leading economist says a federal stimulus for states is needed.

The DNR is doing something unusual. The Star Tribune says they’re holding public meetings on a northern Minnesota mining proposal but won’t allow for public comment at microphones, etc. Instead, stenographers will take notes from individuals. The state’s facing a budget shortfall, how much do these ten stenographers cost?

The state got $11 million in federal funds for affordable housing.

GOP Sen. Dick Day says he’ll resign from the senate to become a lobbyist for gambling interests. AP, the Pi Press and the Star Tribune have stories.

DFL Sen. John Marty, who is also running for governor, said Day’s decision is another reason for legislation ending the “revolving door.”

Unemployment extensions are causing some confusion for some Minnesotans.

Thousands of Minnesota cabin owners will face big property tax increases next year.

KSTP cites a study saying the Twin Cities can’t afford four major sports teams.

Voters in St. Louis County approved a school bonds issue.

2010 Race for Governor

Democrat Mark Dayton’s “tax the rich” plan could make Minnesota’s top income tax bracket the highest in the nation. Here’s a fact-check.

The IBEW backs Democrat Margaret Anderson Kelliher.

The Minnesota Daily profiles Republican Marty Seifert.

2010 Race for Congress

The NRCC thinks they can convince DFL Rep. Collin Peterson to retire at the end of this term. Peterson told me in November that he’ll likely run for reelection but won’t decide until January or February.

Pawlenty for Prez Watch

A poll says Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee’s approval rating didn’t change even after news that he granted clemency to a person who later shot and killed several police officers.

Is South Dakota Sen. John Thune making a 2012 move?

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