MNGOP rips Walz on health care vote

The Minnesota Republican Party is running a radio ad ripping DFL Rep. Tim Walz for voting for the health care overhaul bill. Here’s the ad.

I’m still trying to find out the size of the ad buy and where it’s running.

A spokesman for the MNGOP says the ad buy is “five figures and will run in southern Minnesota.”

  • Jamie

    The conversation at the MN Republican Party’s meeting to decide how much air time to buy for their anti-Walz ad:

    “How much should we spend on this ad?”

    “We don’t have to spend very much at all. MPR and other lap-dog news outlets will link to it and air it for nothing.”

    “Yeah. All we have to do is send out a news release about the ad, and they’ll run it for us! It’s like magic! And with MPR at least, we can count on them not to air any other points of view or do any fact-checking about the topic of the ad.”