Klobuchar has concerns about Senate health care deal

DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar released a statement today saying she has concerns about the deal reached last night that would replace the public option with a different plan. The bill would now allow Minnesotans over the age of 55 opt in to Medicare which would provide health care coverage for low income adults. Here’s Klobuchar’s statement:

While I appreciate the work being done to reach a consensus on health care reform, I have concerns about an early Medicare expansion plan. I want to review the response from the Congressional Budget Office, but am skeptical of expanding the Medicare program when it is scheduled to go in the red by 2017. Additionally, Medicare has historically underpaid states like Minnesota, and these geographic inequities in the reimbursement system must be fixed and I’m working to do that.

No word on whether DFL Sen. Al Franken supports the deal. He’s scheduled to be on MPR’s Midday program tomorrow morning at 11.

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