Voight to speak at Bachmann’s health care rally.

Actor Jon Voight is helping out two well known Minnesota Republicans this week. He spoke at a a fundraiser for Gov. Pawlenty’s national political action committee tonight.

Tomorrow, he says he’ll speak at GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann’s health care rally in Washington D.C. Bachmann is urging the public to storm the Capitol to protest the health care bill that’s being considered. Voight told reporters he doesn’t like the bill:

“If this thing passes, it’s disastrous to our country. Both economicallly and health care. It’s going to diminish everyone’s health care and it’s going to be a huge beuracracy that people are going to suffer under.”

Voight isn’t the only actor getting involved in the health care debate. MoveOn dot Org filmed ads featuring Heather Graham and Will Ferrell.

  • Chris

    Jon Voight is a sick disgusting retardican neo creep. That piece of trash never stops spouting vile language toward the President. I refuse to pay any money to watch any movie that Voight is in. Now I know Voight was just being himself in all the movies where he portrayed shady corporate hacks.

  • Mark

    Wow! I just watched a video of Jon Voight speaking on Cap Hill today. What a sad delusional man.

    He clearly does NOT understand the debate and is so clearly blinded by his ideology that he is a joke.

    He should stick to acting because the ‘real’ him is disgusting. No wonder his daughter will have nothing to do with him.

  • Kevin

    Voight is right. He clearly does understand the debate. If this thing passes, it will be disastrous to our country, and will assault American liberty and freedom. If you support the tyranny that is going on with our Washington leaders, YOU clearly don’t understand words like liberty and freedom or a little thing called the constitution. It is funny that liberals consider themselves “thinkers” when they clearly don’t use the reasoning half of their brain.


    No, you extremist democrap pukes are what’s disgusting!!! Jon Voight knows EXACTLY what he’s talking about and you can’t handle the truth! It’s you ignorant freaks that don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. GO JON VOIGHT!!!