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A tour bus crash in Austin, MN killed two and injured many more.

Tax reciprocity talks with Wisconsin may restart.

Republicans are criticizing the Obama Administration for stimulus money going to “phantom districts.” AP has an interesting fact-check that says the criticism is overstated.

In Moorhead, school funding woes concern the entire city.

The Vikings break off relations with the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission after a proposal was made to waive a $4 million a year fee in exchange for a lease extension. A hearing is scheduled for today.

Xcel Energy leases jets at the expense of ratepayers.

The Education Department reduces the fine to a Muslim charter school. The school plans to appeal.

HCMC says it will have to cut between 150 and 200 jobs and services.


The Senate health plan costs $849 billion.

DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar and DFL Sen. Al Franken praise the Senate bill.

Klobuchar also cheers that the bill cuts the size of the medical device tax initially proposed.

The bill sets up a historic debate.

President Obama says he expects the alleged 9/11 mastermind to be executed.

Obama also tackled North Korea’s nuclear plans during his trip to Seoul.

Another Obama nominee faces tax troubles.

A new poll says voters like Obama but not his policies.

Klobuchar wants to track water quality in the Upper Mississippi basin.

Franken hails changes to the food safety bill.

Franken also takes on Attorney General Eric Holder over rape kit backlogs.

Democrats like DFL Rep. Tim Walz want a review of the Fed’s handling of the AIG bailout.

GOP Rep. John Kline wants to keep the current backstop for the private student loan marketplace in place.

Republican women in Congress, including GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann, are criticizing a mammogram study.

Health and Human Services Commissioner Kathleen Sebelius says women should get a mammogram at forty.

2010 Race for Governor

Former GOP Sen. Norm Coleman, who is not a candidate for governor but has left the door open to a run, spoke before students in Harvard. You can listen to the speech here.

The Minnesota Daily says the economy is affecting the governor’s race.

Pawlenty for Prez Watch

Gov. Pawlenty is in Austin, TX for RGA meetings.

Thousands cheer former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin at her first book tour stop.

2010 Race for Congress

Republican Allen Quist officially announces his run for Congress this morning. Quist will be making stops in Mankato, Austin and Rochester on Thursday to announce his campaign. Here’s Quist’s full news release.

Franken is raising money for DFLer Tarryl Clark’s campaign for Congress.


I’m not a big fan of linking to “Only in your Sunday paper” stories since the news is stale by the time it’s on the interweb. The Star Tribune’s work on falls in nursing homes is my exception for the month/year/decade to my rule. Anyone who ever had a loved one in a nursing facility could relate to this. It’s worth the read.

Finally Finally

Since it’s Thanksgiving, there will not be a Digest next week. I’ll still be working and the blog will be active. It just won’t be updated at six in the morning. I need the break.

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