Rybak files for governor

Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak has filed paperwork with the Minnesota Campaign Finance Board notifying them of his intent to run for governor.

The filing is not a surprise, since Rybak has appeared at a number of events with other candidates for governor. He also didn’t shy away from his interest in the job. Rybak was elected to a third term as Mayor of Minneapolis on Tuesday night. He is the tenth DFLer to enter the race for governor. Rybak’s paperwork says Charlie Zelle, who owns Jefferson Bus Lines, is Rybak’s campaign chair.

Here’s an email Rybak sent supporters:

As one of my good friends and supporters, I want you to know that today we filed the paperwork to create the R.T. Rybak for Governor Committee.

I’ve been open with people as I’ve considered this important step, so I doubt this will be a surprise. But it is an important step, and I want you to know why I’m taking it.

Over the last two years I’ve travelled across Minnesota to talk and listen about the future of our state. Lots of people are discouraged by our state government’s failure to take action and find solutions to today’s tough challenges. They are looking for leadership focused on more jobs, better schools and affordable health care. They want to build a world-class transportation system and a clean energy economy.

I know that there’s a better way. We’ve shown in Minneapolis that we can make progress, create jobs, and get action to create real change. We’ve strengthened our economy, improved public safety, and streamlined city government. Most importantly, we’ve restored a sense of hope and shown that even in the toughest times we can do great things when we come together.

I know that together we can build a better and more prosperous Minnesota for now and for the future. But I also know that this won’t happen unless we work to make it happen. I am ready to go to work, and I hope you’re ready to join me.

Filing these papers is the first step in the process of setting up the Rybak for Governor campaign. In the weeks ahead, we will be building a grassroots campaign to take our message to every corner of the state. I will be in touch about how you can get more involved, and to ask for your help.

Rybak jumped into the race on the same day that the Campaign Finance Board met privately to discuss a complaint against him. Deputy state Republican Party Chair Michael Brodkorb says the Campaign Finance Board told the party that it would meet to discuss the GOP complaint. Republicans allege that Rybak violated campaign finance laws by not formally declaring his candidacy earlier. They say he wanted to avoid the appearance of running for governor while he was campaigning for re-election as mayor.

Update: Julie Hottinger, a spokeswoman for Rybak’s campaign, said this about the timing of the filing:

“The timing of filing the Governor’s committee with the Campaign Finance hearing was purely a coincidence, and we’re confident that the Mayor’s Campaign has followed the rules.”

  • Mpls woman

    Quick, name Rybak’s top three accomplishments at Minneapolis! Bet you can’t. Here’s one Minneapolis resident and lifelong DFLer against campaigning for two jobs at once. MANAGE OUR CITY, MAYOR. IT’S BROKEN.

  • Mpls woman, I doubt you’re actually from Minneapolis. The rise of south Minneapolis including the Midtown Exchange, the beginning of the restructure and rebuilding of north Minneapolis, coordination of the 35W bridge away from the state-level incompetence, the incredible transit projects and re-engineering of downtown/2nd/Marquette, a monumental drop in crime, all with a cut budget.

    I like him because he believes that Minneapolis is a great place, and then actually does things to make it a better place. Given the level of wank happening at the state level, the idea of someone more than competent manning the state gives me joy, though I think we’re going to miss him in Minneapolis.

  • Chris

    The projects you’re talking about are worthy ones, but Rybak didn’t think them up and carry them out singlehandedly. Most of these things go through long planning and implementation stages with multiple stakeholder groups, and probably would have happened no matter who was Mayor.

  • note to Chris, But they didn’t happen under some one else’s watch They happened under RT’s watch. Thats the differance talk is cheap results are priceless. As for the comment by “Mpls woman” Why are you afraid to identify yourself? Is that you Michele? Aldo Moroni, Minneapolis

  • bsimon

    Chris writes

    “Most of these things go through long planning and implementation stages with multiple stakeholder groups, and probably would have happened no matter who was Mayor.”

    Missed opportunity: we should have held a referendum to just ban the office of Mayor, given that its irrelevant.

  • Paul Rozycki

    The current governor, chanting “No New Taxes” has stood in the face of long planning and implementation stages, and with the exception of the North Star Line, managed to line item and veto progress and humane treatment of the sick and the indigent right out of the state of Minnesota. He has done this while all along in reality been purueing his hungry egotistical personal goal of attaining the Presidencyu.

    Contrast that with RT Ryback’s terms as the mayor of Minneapolis. With Mr. Pawlentey balancing the budget on the backs of city budgets, RT has made difficult decisions, rallied the community, and kept Minneapolis a great place to live and a great city. Of late, while pre-campaigning for governor, he has continued to do his job in this city and kept bring people and ideas together and onward to fruition and action. He could be a great governor.

  • ChristianH

    So, basically, the GOP is complaining that R.T. Rybak is doing exactly what Tim Pawlenty is doing in the presidential race.