Powers turns on congressional campaign in 2nd district


A roofing contractor from Burnsville says he wants to unseat Republican Congressman John Kline next year in Minnesota’s 2nd district.

Dan Powers announced today that he will seek the DFL endorsement in 2010 to run against the incumbent, and he will abide by that decision. Powers considered a run against Kline in 2008, but dropped out early in the race to support Steve Sarvi. Kline is firmly opposed to budget earmarks for local projects. During a news conference, Powers said he’d take a different approach.

“First thing is I’d redefine it,” Powers said. “An earmark is just an appropriation. And I think he’s being very disingenuous in not representing his district by not doing everything he can. That’s the straight forward part to it. He’s not listening to the people in his district. He’s not paying attention to their needs.”

Kline spokesman Troy Young said with a year before the next election, the congressman remains focused on efforts to create jobs and reform health care.

Here’s the audio from Powers’ news conference:

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