Pawlenty talks with Iowa reporters before trip

Gov. Pawlenty spoke with Iowa reporters this afternoon about his Saturday trip to Des Moines. It’s standard stuff. He thinks the GOP needs to do better, he sidesteps whether he’s running for president and he loves the Iowa caucuses, etc.:

“Well, I think it’s a terrific tradition and, you know, we have caucuses in Minnesota. They’re not as large or, you know, monitored as the Iowa Caucuses, but I’ve had a chance to experience the Iowa Caucuses a little bit as a surrogate speaker.

“I think it’s a wonderful demonstration of democracy at the grassroots level. I think the people of Iowa, you know, take it seriously. They take time to learn the candidates and their positions. There’s a great fidelity that they attach to the process and I think it’s a terrific and helpful tradition. I have great respect for it and I think Iowa should retain that status.”

You can read the transcript here.

The key question is whether Pawlenty will speak with Minnesota reporters tonight before or after what he calls the “inaugural event tonight, a kick-off event in Minneapolis which is kind of our first significant event relating to the PAC.”

  • Chris

    After intervening in NY-23 to pander to the wingnuts, it’ll be interesting to see if Pawlenty intervenes in next year’s Florida Senate primary. The conservative web activists are pushing Marco Rubio against Charlie Crist. Will Pawlenty have the guts to intervene in a contest where it’s not just some no-name State Assembly member he’s shafting, but a fellow Governor?