Keith Ellison is one of the poorest members of Congress

The Center for Responsive Politics analyzed the financial disclosure forms for all of the members of Congress and ranked them by wealth. The analysis found that DFL Rep. Keith Ellison is ranked 514th of the 538 members of Congress in terms of wealth. The report says his average net worth -$-21,497. The maximum net worth is $5,999. The minimum net worth is $-48,993. The Center has to create high. low and average assets/liabilities because the disclosure reports deal with broad ranges.

Here’s the analysis of the poorest members and Ellison’s profile page .

Dave Levinthal, with The Center for Responsive Politics, said the organization tries to get the best estimate of wealth that they can from the disclosure forms. He said they add up the listed assets that a lawmaker has and subtracts the liabilities from that.

“Is it more likely than not that he’s [Ellison] in the red, based on the assets and liabilities? Yes,” Levinthal said. “Is it possible that he’s a shade above? Yes.”

Levinthal also said that the financial disclosure forms do not include government salary or personal residence, which can either be an asset or a liability.

DFL Sen. Al Franken is the wealthiest member of the delegation. His average range is $6,213, 028. The low end of his assets is $3,793,056. The upper end is $8,633,000.

DFL Rep. Jim Oberstar is the wealthiest House member of the delegation. His average wealth is $5,479,538. The range is $3,202,076 on the low end and the upper hand is $7,757,000.

For the record, GOP Rep. Darrell Issa of California is the richest member of Congress. He has a maximum net worth of $337,400,002

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