Jungbauer calls it quits

AP is reporting that GOP state Sen. Michael Jungbauer is ending his race for governor:

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) – Republican state Sen. Mike Jungbauer (JUNG’-bow-er) is dropping out of the Minnesota governor’s race after having trouble raising money.

Jungbauer’s campaign released an e-mail announcing his decision on Wednesday.

Jungbauer says his supporters are struggling in a tough economy and haven’t been able to support him financially to stay in the race. He also lagged the front runners in a straw poll at the Republican state convention last month.

Seven Republicans remain in the wide-open race.

Jungbauer says he now plans to run for re-election to his Minnesota Senate seat.

Update: Jungbauer’s Facebook page has his announcement:

When I entered the governor’s race in July, I believed that God had opened the door to a new opportunity and that I needed to respond. I believe I did that to the best of my ability, but it was my human pride that made that job winning the race. As is so often the case, God’s plans aren’t our plans and I now realize that the job that needed doing was to learn a lot, listen even more, encourage and even teach a bit.

These last few months have been a blast! I have been so blessed by people that believe in me, and truly believe that I would be an excellent choice for governor. Our campaign is truly supported by the working class that is struggling through these hard financial times; therefore we have not received the financial support necessary to carry on with the campaign.

It is with a heavy heart that I am announcing I will be dropping out of the governor’s race today. I will be fully focusing on my senate duties, and my senate re-election in 2010 starting immediately.

Listening to citizen concerns from around the state will serve me well as I resume my work at the senate. I would like to thank everyone for their support and well wishes over the last couple of months as I went through the rabies treatments. I would also like to thank those that helped with the campaign.

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