House passes health care overhaul bill

The U.S. House passed the health care overhaul bill.

Democrats Tim Walz, Betty McCollum, Keith Ellison and Jim Oberstar voted for the bill.

Democrat Collin Peterson and Republicans John Kline, Erik Paulsen and Michele Bachmann voted against the bill.

Here’s the roll call.

  • Karl

    If the Democrats can’t get Collin Peterson’s vote on this bill, it’s time to Dump Peterson. No longer can you use the excuse “Well, it’s better than having a Republican in that seat.” His abhorent behavior over climate change legislation and ethanol subsidies was bad enough. This should be the last straw for this corporate apologist.

  • David Buchner

    I had decided I could not continue voting for Peterson on my historical “least-worst” criteria, given the way his party has so blatantly made itself my enemy over the past 9 months. Now I’m forced to reconsider.

  • Rick Molenaar

    Horray for Colin! Thats one good vote. How now will he vote on this Cap and Trade SCAM?

  • Mary Foley

    I have thanked Congressman Walz and asked Senators Klobuchar and Franken to keep pushing this forward. A strong public option would be great, but we’ll take what we can get.

    Democrats who balked on this should be voted out at the soonest opportunity.