Emmer picks up support

GOP Rep. Tom Emmer’s campaign for governor picked up the support of eight state lawmakers. They are: Bruce Anderson, HD 19A, Mark Buesgens, HD 35B, Steve Drazkowski, HD 28B, Tom Hackbarth, HD 48A, Mary Liz Holberg, HD 36A, Amy Koch, SD 19, Tim Sanders, HD 51A, Peggy Scott, HD 49A. Here’s part of the release:

The legislators each underscored the critical nature of the upcoming election. “There has never been a more crucial time in Minnesota for serious, dependable, conservative leadership,” said Scott. “We know that Tom will carry on Tim Pawlenty’s legacy of standing firm in the face of reckless and irresponsible government spending. Minnesota’s government will live within its means with Tom as governor, even while Washington continues its unprecedented spending spree.”

Hackbarth added that “the states that conserve their fiscal resources and watch their pennies will be the states that emerge first and strongest from this recession.”

Koch noted that their early endorsements were intended to help Emmer’s campaign cultivate grassroots support statewide. Tom has already visited each of Minnesota’s 67 Senate Districts in these first four months of campaigning.

“Tom’s campaign clearly has momentum on its side. He is out working for the endorsement every day,” she said. “Courting delegates is about forging a personal bond. He’s recruiting delegate support one-by-one and his work is paying dividends. To meet Tom one to one is to be impressed by Tom.”

“Tom is a look-you-in-the-eye leader who is not in this race for politics,” Buesgens said. “You’ll never hear him say, ‘vote for me because I’m the compromise candidate who can win.’ He is in it to do the right thing.”

Added Drazkowsi: “Minnesotans have a track record of voting for candidates who believe in something.”

“Tom is the right choice for Governor,” said Holberg, “both among those who are currently running and among those who are being talked about.”

“I’m grateful and humbled that my colleagues would pledge their support for me like this,” Emmer said. “There is no better test of a candidate than to achieve support from the people they have worked with in the trenches.”

He added that he expects other legislative endorsements to be forthcoming.


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