DFLer Hackett poised to run for Congress

A DFL challenger to Republican Congressman Erik Paulsen is getting ready to enter the 2010 race in Minnesota’s 3rd District.

Dr. Maureen Hackett, a physician and forensic psychiatrist from Minnetonka, has filed federal campaign paperwork and has a campaign web site ready to launch. Hackett confirmed her plans today, and said she will seek the DFL endorsement. But she said professional obligations have delayed her announcement.

“I’m planning to run,” Hackett said. “And I’m planning to make a announcement very soon.”

Hackett declined to go on tape or talk further about her campaign until she makes it official, sometime later this month.

An online biography says Hackett is an Air Force veteran with a private practice in Minneapolis. In addition, she’s an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Minnesota and teaches the Psychiatry and the Law Clinic at the William Mitchell College of Law.

Hackett has made significant financial contributions to several DFL candidates, including Al Franken, Amy Klobuchar, Ashwin Madia, Colleen Rowley, Elwyn Tinklenberg, Tim Walz and Patty Wetterling. She also donated to the presidential campaigns of Barack Obama and Ralph Nader.

State Sen. Terri Bonoff, DFL-Minnetonka, said recently that she’s open to running again in the 3rd District. Jim Meffert of Edina is also considering a campaign.

  • “She also donated to the presidential campaigns of Barack Obama and Ralph Nader.”

    She also donated significant money to the National Republican Congressional Committee.

    That’s right. A DFL congressional candidate gave money to the NRCC.

    How is that going to get explained?

  • Bob Z

    Do you mean the Maureen Hackett that lives in Texas or the one that lives in Minnesota? Has ever occurred to you that there would be more than one Maureen Hackett?

  • From Opensecrets.org


    MINNEAPOLIS,MN 55402 MAUREEN HACKETT M.D./FORENSIC PSYCH 1/20/04 $1,250 National Republican Congressional Cmte (R)

    I think it’s the one in Minnesota. What do you think?

  • Bob Z

    In this case, I’m fine with being wrong, actually.

    I’m glad to see that people are so stuck up on party politics that you could potentially hold that against her. Congrats. I actually feel better knowing that a Democrat couldn’t possibly win in the 3rd, because I’d imagine that there are a lot of Dems who who would shun her just for that.

    Paulsen for the 3rd. And I’m not saying that sarcastically.