Breakdown of PCR contributions

The Republican Party and GOP local party units were the biggest user of a campaign program that was cut by Governor Pawlenty. The program gave donors tax refunds for part of their contributions. AP has a story here.

Here’s the breakdown in Party contributions:

Republican Party and local party units – 42,469 contributions with $2,895,729 refunded.

DFL Party and local party units – 20,841 contributions with $1,107,660 refunded.

Independence Party and local party units – 175 contributions with $11,376 refunded.

Green Party and local party units- 255 contributions with $10,033 refunded.

Side note: Donors to DFL Rep. Joe Atkins, chair of the House Commerce Committee, relied the heaviest on the PCR. They received $32,960 in refunds. You can read the breakdown on candidate contributions here.

  • Very Interesting.

    What is going on in Senate District 41 ? The MN-GOP picked up $13,813 through 215 contributors while Senatore Michel also got $9,450 from 110 contributors …. Atkins may have driven a lot of money his way, but Michel seems to be getting money through two sources.

    Also, I noticed that some candidates for Governor had contributors in addition to their current elected postion … but some did not. Does that mean anything ?

    Tom Bakk $21,442 ( 260 contributors)

    Leslie Davis $1,500 (21)

    Susan Gaentner $10,929 (162)

    Steve Kelly $2,075 (29)

    Richard Klatte $600 (8)

    Becky Lourey $885 (13)

    John Marty $12,479 (176)

    But no mention of contributions for MAK, Seifert, Emmer, etc.

    Do some candidates just know how to work the system or did they not want to “cost the state any money” ?