Gov. Pawlenty, GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann and Republican Norm Coleman all addressed the activists at Saturday’s GOP State Central Committee meeting. I’m posting the audio so others can listen to it.

Pawlenty’s speech had a hint of national focus in it.

Bachmann focused her speech mostly on President Obama’s policies but also touched on key issues facing Congress.

Norm Coleman, who is waiting for the courts to resolve the 2008 U.S. Senate race, talked about his legal battle but also about ways to attract more people to the party.


GOP Rep. Erik Paulsen also spoke at the State Central Committee meeting. Here’s his speech:

  • First off, THANKS for all your posting about the MN-GOP convention.

    Was John Kline there ?

    If so, did he make any comments/speech ?

  • tom scheck

    Congressman Kline was not in attendance. The chair announced he had another engagement but I didn’t ask what it was.

  • Jarod Johnson

    Where is Rep. Marty Seifert’s speech?