Heading into Round 3

Coleman campaign attorney Fritz Knaak said he was deeply disappointed with the decision by the Minnesota Supreme Court. He said the decision “virtually guarantees that this will be decided in an election contest.”

He added that a certificate of election will not be filed until the contest phase is settled and “it’s highly unlikely that one senator will be seated on January 6th.”

  • subo

    Boo hoo. Senator Al Franken, baby.

  • Rieux

    Boo hoo. Senator Al Franken, baby.

    Well, yeah, but Coleman has the power to prevent that from coming to pass for multiple months yet by filing an election contest (i.e., a lawsuit seeking to prove that Norm actually won).

    And this is the guy who called for Al to tell the state (as he’s allowed to do under Minnesota law) to call off the recount. Save the taxpayers of Minnesota all the time, expense and bother, Norm said. That’s what I’d do if I were in your place, Norm said.

    This same guy is going to tie the entire process up in lawsuits for months. What a bleeding hypocrite.

  • JZ

    True, Rieux, but the Senate can still seat Franken even if Coleman continues to challenge. Once the election is certified, the Senate would probably seat Franken on a contingent basis. We need Al in the Senate ASAP, and the Supremes decision should help move that along.

  • ryan

    I seem to remember on Nov. 5th the same person saying if they were not in the lead they would concede, and that Al Franken should drop out because he would have. Coleman is a Hypocrite.

  • Fred

    No, Coleman is not a hypocrite–he’s a Republican! (Can’t you see that they are synonyms?) lol!