The Daily Digest: 11-21-08

It’s the third day of the U.S. Senate recount and it appears that the fate of the challenged ballots will determine Minnesota’s next U.S. Senate. MPR, Forum Communications and AP have stories.

GOP Sen. Norm Coleman visits an energy plant today in Monticello, MN. Franken is headed went to New York City last night to raise money for this recount (the fundraiser is George Soros).

The Star Tribune says Coleman lead slips in their analysis of the recount.

MPR says some voters now have second thoughts on their initial votes.

The Pi Press says local elections officials have a variety of different methods to conduct the recount.

The Star Tribune looks at all the ways voting can go wrong.

The campaigns say they’re pleased with the recount so far.


Minnesota lost 7,500 jobs last month. MPR, The Pi Press and the Star Tribune have stories.

Congress rushes to extend jobless benefits.

MPR says job hunting also gets harder.

Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson says she wants mandatory mediations for home foreclosures. MPR, AP, the Pi Press and the Star Tribune have stories.


DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar says she would have voted against the auto bailout.

GOP Rep. Jim Ramstad attends a White House ceremony to celebrate the passage of the Mental Health parity bill.

DFL Rep. Keith Ellison loses his bid to head the Progressive Caucus.

DFL Rep. Collin Peterson is still examining the problem with credit derivatives.

State Government

The University of Minnesota’s president Bob Bruininks ranks 7th in university compensation (this does not include coach salaries).

Big Stone Power Plant is one step away from approval.

Minnesota State Colleges aim to do more online. MPR and the Pi Press have stories.

Some state lawmakers want stiffer penalties for state employees who engage in theft and fraud.

DFL Rep. Al Doty wins his recount.


NBC says President-elect Barack Obama will nominate Hillary Clinton at Secretary of State.

Obama reportedly reaches out to former National Security Adviser Brent Snowcroft.

The Wall Street Journal says DFL Rep. Jim Oberstar backs Obama’s choice to head the FAA.

GOP Rep. John Kline will create a lottery to award his inauguration tickets.


Gov. Pawlenty doesn’t make The Fix’s Ten Republicans to Watch.

First Lady Mary Pawlenty gets a new job.

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